Quinceañera Escort

The escort for the girl is the person she dances with. The escort can be her brother, cousin, family friend, or boyfriend. They dance a special dance, (usually choreographed before the Quince), and often her damas[disambiguation needed], (female friends or family members around her age), and chambelanes, (male friends or family members around her age), dance around them in couples. They usually have two dances: a traditional waltz and another choreographed dance.


Recently, girls sometimes may have a less traditional Quinceañera. They may not have damas and chambelanes, and only have their baptismal vows renewed at a special mass dedicated to the girl. The party afterward is often just a dance with all of her friends, and not necessarily the dance with her father. Also, gifts tend to be less traditional; often girls receive cash or gift cards of some sort or even clothes.